The Goddess Isis in The Way of Abrahadabra

Isis, Goddess of Magic

According to The Way of Abrahadabra by the hermetic magician André Consciência, an occult book published through Sirius Limited Esoterica, the Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, described in it as the center of the pentagram, may be understood as a formula.

The sword is the fiery union of individual and cosmic will, while the last symbol contained in the formula of Abrahadabra, the rosy cross, is where cosmic consciousness and individual consciousness themselves become the same. Surely, that is and must be a continuous process, but once the cosmic primal quality in its exactness imprints itself on the individuality of the magician there is no receding from that point. There is no coming back to virginity, and the rosy cross is analogous to the orgasm.


The author has chosen to assign the formula ISIS to this very same process, the crown and the cup being the first and the second «I», the wand and the sword being the first and the second «S», while the rosy cross is the spiral of the double S intersected by the cross of the double I.


Alongside the reasons for doing so that the reader will later bear witness to in our work, such a choice falls in that it is a tantric diagram to the interaction between matter and perception. At the I a vertical position implies the vagina is locked to the penis, while the S stands for the movement of the coitus. Just as love making is a verb, ISIS affirms that the flow of these stages is cyclic and continuous: the mind receives and molds the impulses of the body, the mind gains consciousness and consequently, the body gains awareness. Together they receive the world to become as vast as its vistas, and while they are at it, the mind keeps receiving and molding the impulses of the newly informed body, a more complete consciousness keeps evolving in the mind and the consciousness
underlying the body keeps expanding its awareness. Together they go on receiving the world and transmitting to the world. 


The rosy cross is wholly in it but also beyond it, just as the orgasm, when it comes, is in and beyond the bodies in their sexual intercourse.

Later ahead, the book mentions different mystical methods to understand the formula of Isis:

The magician is to understand the key of ISIS and not be left alone with IHVH, the mystery of the Tetragrammaton, for ISIS is another and more accurate way in which to understand the key of the pentagram at our present age, although we will not be theoretically expanding on it at the present work. Through years of pathriarcal tradition the magician has become more or less trapped by his own subconscious, ignorant of its mass, organic laws and of its mechanisms. We will not have the magician unprepared in what concerns intuition. But, in what concerns our body of knowledge, to the learned magician it is sufficient to say that the lost member of Osiris, the Father God, is not, at this formula, the phallus and the yoni, but his divine water and with it, the kteis, and therefore the cup and not the wand. Since the discoveries of 
Frater Achad we also have no business encrypting divinity in mummified matter, therefore the pentacle is vibration instead of paralyzed solidification, and it is Hokmah just as the cup is Kether.




Understanding the formula



– through meditation:



The magician is to look around and remove layer to layer from what he sees. He is to remove the division of the senses leaving only vibration in their place, the shapes in order to leave only the light, and he is also to remove the concepts attached to things, leaving only awarenessint in their place, until all that is left is a substance equally infinite everywhere.


Next, he is to identify with this substance, becoming it. After which he is to understand it, he and the substance becoming two and the same, bliss and will. And further still, the magician is to position himself between being merged with the substance and being a limited form as opposed to the substance, so that chaos shall bring him ecstasy and truth bring him freedom.




– through asana and pranayama:


The magician is to fix his mind on the concept that in a sphere every dot is its center. He is to be laying flat with his back to the sky, arms close to the body, and his chin up and he is to inhale with the hissing sound of «I». He should then flex his knees so that his feet are up, his sex is up, but his belly starts to touch the floor. His arms should press so that his chest and shoulders are up, and his head should be down. The magician is to exhale in yet another hissing sound, it being the «S». The process is to be repeated, the thought still fixed on the dot and the sphere, until some sort of trance is attained.




– through visualization:


Let the magician imagine a formless and limitless ocean. Then let the magician imagine that it is vibrating. Later, the magician is to imagine that it is becoming conscious. Finally, the magician is to acknowledge that it is suffering.




– through projection:


The magician is to roam around and identify himself with the living things around him. He should forget himself while fixing his gaze on that tree or that dog up to the point when he feels like he is that tree or that dog. Then he is to practice this perception with everything that is around him, at the same time, so that he becomes it as a whole. 


Later, he is to project himself astrally and gaze towards the microscopic world, identifying with molecules, bacteria, globules, etc, later identifying with all that he sees simultaneously, it leading to a primordial and homogenous sense of time. 


He is also to project himself mentally upward until he can see the world at large, and he is to forget himself so that he becomes the world that he witnesses: a sense will come to him that once he taps into such a global perception, he is watching past present and future all at once. 


Then the magician is to duplicate himself, projecting astrally down into the microscopic world and, separating a piece of his mind, mentally up into the global mind of humanity. If he can stay in this state for a while, he will notice the flow of things leading unto eternity, and he is to understand how this eternity unfolds in space and transmits it.





– through symbolism:



At the present age, most of us have had a formal education as Christians. But whatever the prophet is with which we grew up, whether it is Christ, Mohammed, Zoroastro, or Buddha, we are to imagine him laying naked at the center of a very large and exuberant rose, sleeping in a fetal position with his sex endlessly ejaculating.

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