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A Guide To The Sphere Quabbalah - A Magical Study Series: Volume 2

This book wortks with aspects of The Key to True Quabbalah, by Franz Bardon, and expands them. It is a book divided into four parts that serve the magician, the theurgist and the learning quabbalist.

The Book of Incantations (Sound) – Using harmonies and rhythms in Quabbalah; using musical instruments Quabbalistically; practical relation between tones and the planetary spheres; magical use of quabbalah; practical relation between the tones and human anatomy.   

Book II Cosmic Elemental Kingdoms (Color) –The practical relation between the spheres, the elements and the cosmic letters; how to enter elemental realms specific to the structure of the spheres and meet the respective planetary elementals.

Book III The Machinery of the Spheres (Shape) – The author moves with his guardian genius to the spheres in search for magical and quabbalistic tools. 

Book VI The Book of Gestures (Motion) –  The principles of internal motion (breath and the motion of the organs) and external motion (outer body and sound) are given.

A Word From The Author

Welcome to my personal site focusing upon my books, Magical Training and ongoing writings published to my blog. If you want to see what I am currently working on then you will find it here along with previews of my books, interviews and articles from my many discussions in the Magical community. Please subscribe and keep in touch. Thank you for taking an interest in my work.

Andre Consciencia
Hermetic Magician, Author and Artist.

Ongoing Series

Authentic Magic

Here is a small sample of my previous titles. Each title is written with a specific aim to communicate key knowledge to the reader. Read, practice and share your results with me via the contact form or via the community over at Perseus Arcane Academy.

What Readers Are Saying

The feedback for Andres books and courses says it all. He is the true definition of a modern day Hermetic Magician.

André’s books are an inspiration. Despite my years of practice I always feel like it is my first day when reading any of André’s books. This is a wonderful feeling, he goes deep into this knowledge but guides you all the way.

James Robinson

The Dragon Tarot

André’s work is a continued inspiration. Read it and you cannot come back the same.

Greg Bugiak

Through the Soul Mirror to the Sphere of the Sun

I love everything André writes, it all seems so unique but immediately meaningful. His books grow with you and no matter how long it has been they always offer something new.

Joe C

Andres books in general

Exceptional. His articles, his courses whatever he does has a certain quality to it which has a way of making me think more deeply about my own practice. 

Paul Xi

Books and Courses

From being a lost, unguided and confused individual (who could at best achieve mediocre results in magic), I became someone who is more liberated while having clarity and direction through a proven, working framework of magic and mysticism that could stand the test of time. All thanks to Andre Consciencias’s course on Perseus Arcane Academy.

Kra H

Magic and Mystical Introspection

Once you start practicing, a depth and treasure trove of magical skills and gnosis becomes unlocked, and as you are continuing about with your practice , a certain luck , a certain gracious magic of Life will find you. The book is very much alive and active.

Lionel M.

The Way of Abrahadabra

I was lost in life and was in search for my soul. I felt miserable and craved meaning and fulfillment. Magical phenomena took place that I didn’t have any answers for. This left me very confused. What made it all the more confusing was the overwhelming amount of magical literature out there! Who is right? Who do I follow? It wasn’t until I met Andre online, who is also an instructor at Perseus Arcane Academy. This completely changed my life.

Qasim R

Books and Courses

He has presented it in a way that we can apply it to every day activities and be in meditation mode for long periods of time or just on all the time.

Arturo A.

Magic and Mystical Introspection