Magic and Mystical Introspection

This course by André Consciência and hosted on Perseus Arcane Academy is based on Through the Soul Mirrors to the Sun Sphere, a book by the same author published at Falcon Books. It takes the practitioner through a series of steps that are in unison with the mentioned book. In turn, the book itself focuses on all the steps of Initiation Into Hermetics, by Franz Bardon, as practiced and achieved via the many arts of introspection and ennoblement of the soul. This course makes a great companion for any practicing either of these books, but it stands on its own for anyone wishing a path that helps in self-realization by knowledge and dominion in the physical, emotional and psychic planes as well as in the material, astral and mental planes. We start from the level 1 and from there on to years of ongoing work, for which the books are not a requirement. The practitioner of Through the Soul Mirrors to the Sphere of the Sun or of Initiation Into Hermetics may, however, specifically choose the level in the course that bests suits them to boost their Great Work. The feet of the practitioner will walk universally, the heart will have saved itself to serve in silence, the flesh will remain mortal yet already immortal by the virtue of its aspirations. He or she will speak through the same mouth as all beings and through the same mouth will he or she be recognized by the intelligences, who are matter and who have conquered matter, becoming truth.

This course provides you with the opportunity to work directly with Andre over the period of several years as you progress through the curriculum. From zero experience to adepthood under the watchful eye of an experienced practitioner. As a student on the course you get ongoing lessons that develop your skills, discussion in the private student group and contact with Andre via the group or instant messaging hosted on the Perseus Arcane Academy. Join us and begin your journey.

*New lessons are released weekly after Level 1.
** This is an ongoing course with a monthly subscription to support the continuous production of lessons and personal support provided by Andre.

You might have heard of secret orders and mysterious groups with strange rituals, sordid psychic powers, aspiring mages and intellectuals with secret codes that only the initiate can begin to understand. They walk about with superhuman powers extracted from ancient tantric and hermetic texts, build fragrances that can make you fly, know words that can shatter the world when uttered, and govern all natural things under and above the sun.

Some books spit out. You find them and read them. You learn the formulas and spells and incantations and meditations powerful enough to change the course of the world and bring back a dead pharaoh. You try it, not sure of what you are doing, but nothing ever happens.

The premise of this course is that magic is the science of causing change according to awareness, and it trains silence, quietness and stillness as means to access and cultivate different states of consciousness and a gateway to connect with objects of perception where to operate changes.

All cultural aspects, be they Hermetic, Egyptian, Buddhist, Tantric, or religious kinds of yoga, are ignored so we can focus directly on their purpose with integrity and effortlessness. You will find no lexicon you cannot master, no locks you cannot open, no paths barren by the elites. At the end of the thirteen sessions, magic will hold no mystery to you. It is at this time, that you can start practicing those books, that appeared to lead to nothing, with success.


In this course of three levels, we will be taking the two most famous rituals of the Golden Dawn the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the Middle Pillar Exercise and decode them into a full course of adepthood, inner mastery, invocation, evocation, theurgic incantation and divine communion.

Each gesture and intention will portray a reflection of a deep magical and mystical work undergone by the student who will be applying mostly methodologies from Franz Bardon’s three works Initiation Into Hermetics, The Practice of Magical Evocation, and The Key to True Quabbalah, an author we chose for his universality that can be applied to most traditions and to the generality of rituals.

This course is essentially a mentorship with Andre Consciencia taking anyone regardless of their level of experience through a course of inner mastery towards adepthood.

Duration: 1 Year.


Level 1 – The Grand Ritual of Purification

In 1996 in the book Middle Pillar by Israel Regardie (ceremonial magician and writer), Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero from the Metatron House wrote: “In the early decades of this century, little was known about the techniques of western ceremonial magic due to the veil of secrecy which had shrouded these practices. Unless a person happened to be a member of a magical organization, there was little chance of leaning the procedures and initiatory practices of high magic. This changed in 1937 when Israel Regardie published four volumes titled The Golden Dawn, a collection of ceremonies and teachings from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.”

While the Middle Pillar and the four books mentioned are certainly of great value, I cannot consider the statement to be true. The presentation of the rituals that are given us there are far from revealing their entire mode of operation, even in a book like the Middle Pillar where Regardie expands the depth and extension of the Exercise better than ever before.

The end result is a ritual that is still as good as making the sign of the cross, that is, it does not belong to hermetic science but to folklore, in this case to hermetic folklore. For this reason, I will present what I consider to be one of the most complete forms, one that I call “The Grand Ritual of Purification” and that will deliver for the first time the ritual’s proposition: that the ritualist assumes the Divine in all consciousness and ascends through the existential realms uniting all components of unity itself. 

This ritual is the philosophical stone of magical equilibrium (the strong force of all forces) put in a practical formula.


Level 2 – The Grand Ritual of Evocation

What we call The Grand Ritual of Evocation is based on the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. This Golden Dawn ritual, abbreviated as LBRP, is said to be one of the most important tools of the magician.

It has been said that doing the LBRP is like casting the circle, or that it is a ritual of protection. While this is true, it is far from describing the full nature of the ritual.

This ritual is a ritual of attaining Godhood or the Godhead through evocation, it evokes God in its quadripolar face, so that by seeing it we die to be reborn as His/Her Presence.

It is a ritual of protection only in the sense that nothing remains to attack us once we are no more and only God is. It is the casting of the circle in the sense that at the center of the circle there lies the eternal and everlasting light that casts it.


Level 3 – The Grand Ritual of Invocation

The Grand Ritual of Invocation combines all that we have learned so far and culminates in the assimilation and assumption of the completion of Godforms. It is the most complete version of the Godhead that I have attained while remaining conscious of its components and details. The practitioner who does it regularly will be an Adept of the highest caliber.

Journey to the Spirit World: Exploring Neo-Shamanism


About this Course

For decades now, I have been practicing neoshamanism in parallel with my endeavors in hermetics and magic, having formed my shamanic groups and circles. Occasionally, it appears in my teachings or when I share a story with one of my Perseus Arcane Academy students. To such an extent, that I have been directly asked in more than one instance, to create a video course specifically on neoshamanism and make it available on this same platform.

From sacred ceremonies, meditations and visionary journeys to the use of instruments and plants, this course is not just about acquiring knowledge; but a trail of embodiment, transforming reality, blurring the seen and the unseen, and leaving the student a living testament to the power of what he or she has gone through.

Questions & Answers


What is Neo-Shamanism?
Neo-Shamanism is traditional shamanism adapted to the needs of the present day. In my path I have seen how rarely our people are truly prepared for traditional shamanism, much less without first becoming neoshamans. In most cases, the average human being living in the city becomes ill physically or mentally or gives up any spiritual practice entirely after attempting traditional shamanism.

How does Neo-Shamanism differ from traditional shamanism?
Unlike traditional shamanism, which is attached to specific cultural contexts, Neo-Shamanism is eclectic in nature. It incorporates elements from various indigenous traditions and tempers them with psychology.

What can we expect from Neo-Shamanism?
Power, self-knowledge, healing, direct contact with hidden dimensions.

Are there rituals and tools associated with Neo-Shamanism?
Yes; trance-inducing music, chanting, dance, meditation, visions quests and the use of symbolic tools and ritual objects.

How does Neo-Shamanism relate to nature?
Nature is the source of inspiration and wisdom, the source of the great spirit.

Can anyone practice Neo-Shamanism?
Yes, there is no cultural requirement, and practitioners can freely integrate Neo-Shamanism into their lives.

Is Neo-Shamanism a form of religion?
No. Its practice can be integrated into various beliefs.

What are the ethical considerations?
Respect for cultural traditions, a responsible use of nature, and a commitment to the good, to personal and general well-being.

Can Neo-Shamanism be practiced individually, or is group participation recommended?
Neo-Shamanism can be practiced both individually and in groups.

What is included in the course?
The entire curriculum currently totals five separate levels. Each level is sold separately. If you have further questions please check the main FAQ and/or send us a message via the contact form with any questions.