Magic and Mystical Introspection

This course by André Consciência and hosted on Perseus Arcane Academy is based on Through the Soul Mirrors to the Sun Sphere, a book by the same author published at Falcon Books. It takes the practitioner through a series of steps that are in unison with the mentioned book. In turn, the book itself focuses on all the steps of Initiation Into Hermetics, by Franz Bardon, as practiced and achieved via the many arts of introspection and ennoblement of the soul. This course makes a great companion for any practicing either of these books, but it stands on its own for anyone wishing a path that helps in self-realization by knowledge and dominion in the physical, emotional and psychic planes as well as in the material, astral and mental planes. We start from the level 1 and from there on to years of ongoing work, for which the books are not a requirement. The practitioner of Through the Soul Mirrors to the Sphere of the Sun or of Initiation Into Hermetics may, however, specifically choose the level in the course that bests suits them to boost their Great Work. The feet of the practitioner will walk universally, the heart will have saved itself to serve in silence, the flesh will remain mortal yet already immortal by the virtue of its aspirations. He or she will speak through the same mouth as all beings and through the same mouth will he or she be recognized by the intelligences, who are matter and who have conquered matter, becoming truth.

This course provides you with the opportunity to work directly with Andre over the period of several years as you progress through the curriculum. From zero experience to adepthood under the watchful eye of an experienced practitioner. As a student on the course you get ongoing lessons that develop your skills, discussion in the private student group and contact with Andre via the group or instant messaging hosted on the Perseus Arcane Academy. Join us and begin your journey.

*New lessons are released weekly after Level 1.
** This is an ongoing course with a monthly subscription to support the continuous production of lessons and personal support provided by Andre.

You might have heard of secret orders and mysterious groups with strange rituals, sordid psychic powers, aspiring mages and intellectuals with secret codes that only the initiate can begin to understand. They walk about with superhuman powers extracted from ancient tantric and hermetic texts, build fragrances that can make you fly, know words that can shatter the world when uttered, and govern all natural things under and above the sun.

Some books spit out. You find them and read them. You learn the formulas and spells and incantations and meditations powerful enough to change the course of the world and bring back a dead pharaoh. You try it, not sure of what you are doing, but nothing ever happens.

The premise of this course is that magic is the science of causing change according to awareness, and it trains silence, quietness and stillness as means to access and cultivate different states of consciousness and a gateway to connect with objects of perception where to operate changes.

All cultural aspects, be they Hermetic, Egyptian, Buddhist, Tantric, or religious kinds of yoga, are ignored so we can focus directly on their purpose with integrity and effortlessness. You will find no lexicon you cannot master, no locks you cannot open, no paths barren by the elites. At the end of the thirteen sessions, magic will hold no mystery to you. It is at this time, that you can start practicing those books, that appeared to lead to nothing, with success.