The Goddess Isis in the Inner Gateways of LAM (Esoteric Pillars)

Isis, Goddess of Magic III

We have spoken of Isis in our previous articles, The Goddess Isis in The Way of Abrahadabra and The Goddess Isis in The Path of IpsosSirius Limited Esoterica published a work by André Consciência named The Inner Gateways of LAM, in which the puzzle of Isis as a metaphysical formula is apparently made complete.

In The Inner Gateways of LAM the matter of Isis seems to reach a conclusion of sorts, in the sense that it seems to produce or explain products of a physical nature, the philosophical stone of Isis, so to speak.

It starts by explaining that “Isis is the mother goddess of condensation and materialization. Her brother and husband is Osiris, the father of radiation and self-consciousness. Therefore, in terms of awareness, Isis, the patron of magic, is the mother of objective awareness.”

It goes on to state that “while Osiris is power in emanation or power towards the objective, Isis is power in materialization or power towards the object.”

Later, we read that “in itself, infinite space holds but one thing, and that is Isis, the force towards matter. This force is experienced as lust and we operate it via the magical libido.”

The magical libido is not an object or matter, but attraction to an object and to matter, which we know as the objective and by the name of emanation. Isis is, therefore, according to this work, the foundation of the whole Great White Brotherhood, because “the black ziggurat is infinite space and infinite stars, a name of Isis. The white glowing body that stands in it is the structure of the White Lodge.”

In other words, it is through Isis that the sublime on the side of spirit and the absolute on the side of matter come to manifest, and the book states she is the “mother of all kalas”.

“The Star of Babalon is also the Seven-Rayed Star of Venus. It holds all the seven planets and rays as erotic powers in the magical and mystical sense, powers of attraction that allow for mystical transference of consciousness and magical concentrations.”

Regarding this theme, the book continues “Horus and Isis are one in this star. This star, the very soul and blood of Isis, is also called Sirius.”

Horus is considered the light of the mind, the intellect. Now, Sirius is described to us as “ the impulse of nature to cosmic evolution”. This is the place where the knower is known, the observer observed, the speaker is spoken and the subject is the object. 

It is no wonder, then, that the praeterhuman, which includes the awakened human being, is the very philosophical stone that materializes Isis:

“It might seem strange to attribute to the ultraterrestrials or preterhuman entities who colonize the force before fire and radiation the name of children of Isis. But this means they are not children of Osiris but of Isis with herself. That is, such intelligences are born so that they have objective consciousness outside any objective field or organ, so that they can rather be called ideal computers, programming all objective universes. They are, each, the very essence of Isis.”

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