The Goddess Isis in the Path of IPSOS

Isis, Goddess of Magic II

We have spoken of Isis in our previous article, The Goddess Isis in The Way of Abrahadabra. But Sirius Limited Esoterica published another work by André Consciência that is the follow-up of The Way of Abrahadabra, and it also expands on this topic. 

It still won’t be the last that we hear of Isis in the work of the occult author. But first things first, we are talking about the Path of Ipsos, divided into two volumes.   

Here, there is a whole main chapter of the book dedicated to the metaphysics of an age that would be called the age of Isis, or more precisely, the Aeon of Isis.

This, however, is bathed in the cultural and social aspects of humanity throughout time, and may or may not have anything to do with Isis as a magical force, power and formula.  

On this specific, we find this passage: “We have hinted at the formula of ISIS in our book The Way of Abrahadabra. Its magickal word is LASHTAL. La is the womb set on the mind, Al is the phallus on the body, no matter what gender the person is. Sht is the creative friction between both.

If we do read “The Goddes Isis in the Way of Abrahadabra”, we will see how fitting this magical word is. 

Further still, we find Isis as the crown of the Great Work, the mystical aim of the magician: 

“The magician is to seek a vision concerning the crystal sphere that stands beyond the stars. On the same cosmic crystal sphere, he is to conjure up a vision of his own true unbreakable heart, holding pure will and perfect understanding
together to receive the heavenly fire. He is to search for the vision of his Holy Guardian Angel and of the Holy Guardian Angel of humanity. An invitation will be posed for the appearance of the Holy Guardian Angel of humanity. Then the apparition of the source of life on the planet, which is the vision of the rose of ISIS.” 

It is this last vision into which all others culminate that is spoken of in the book as the materialization of the magician’s great work. 

But we find more hints about the nature of this vision, it is a vision of cosmic union:

“Christ is the forbidden fetish, an image yet of the Aeon of ISIS as the aeonless tribes of the Hebrews understood it. If at the Aeon of Isis one could rule the land by becoming the land, the nomadic tribes of the Jews, having no land of their own, learned to become one with the sky and the stars. Likewise, Christ became one with divinity so that his followers could become one with divinity themselves, in the same way that a candle is able to light another candle. 


This method was well known in the East, but in the West the Aeon of Isis was only partially installed, and humanity lived half under the rule of Bes still, where everything is itself and nothing else. It is no wonder that the original example of Christ came to be misunderstood or only half understood in the West.”

Accordingly, to understand the unity of space and being, the magician is advised to “retire to a warm place in the wild and, during the day, sleep and do as he will, but at night he is to lay suspended between two trees, his eyes fixed on the full rotation of the stars. The magician should always be naked, day or night, and the period of this doing should catch the day before the black moon, the black moon and the new moon. At the time when the Aeon of Isis was predominant, humans had a perception of the stars as intimate as this.

The rose of Isis reveals likewise unity in time, time being unmolested by the concept of any outward evolution, evolution happening only in depth. 

“At the Aeon of Isis time is cyclical, the present flows into the past and the past into the present.”

In the Path of Ipsos Vol II, Isis, a Goddess of Magic because she has the power to materialize the spirit of the cosmos, is revealed as being connected to the element Barium.



Akashic principle: polarity of the light

Mental sphere: enlightenment of the spirit through weight

Astral: destructive voltage

Physical: control of the physical matrix through the silver tincture

Talisman: The cube is to be violet and light blue, being saturated by the earth element and the air element. It should have the number 56 on the faces, visualized as Isis.”


As the Goddess of magic Isis, is related to air in the intellectual capacity necessary for science, but to earth as the magnetic power of materialization. The silver tincture is in the book connected to practical clarity and the sign of Cancer. Again, the five and the six is the union of the complete individual with the cosmos, and the sum of the figures is eleven, the number of magic by excellence. 


The Path of Ipsos vol II states that the elementals of Barium are masters of the green plane, that is, of the plane of experience. Ultimately, the rose of Isis is experience. 

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