Month: August 2022

Limited Editions

Among the author’s limited runs at Sirius Limited Esoterica, you can find so far

The Inner Gateways of Lam
The Lusitanian Grimoire
The Path of Ipsos Vol II
The Path of Ipsos Vol I
The Way of Abrahadabra

If you acquire any of these practical books, feel free to contact the author via email ( and he will answer your doubts and be your companion through all the necessary stages of the path.

A Game of Gnomes

Dare enter a world of intense magic and train to master the secrets of gnomes by simply playing.

The Secret of the Gnomes is a game unlike other games, for it is played by the person in engagement with nature, the senses, the inner worlds and the psyche; that is, it is played in real life. In this sense, it follows the rules of gamification to help you achieve greater awareness, acute senses, concentration, willpower and a nitid, creative and detailed imagination.