The Path of Ipsos

The Goddess Isis in the Path of IPSOS


Akashic principle: polarity of the light
Mental sphere: enlightenment of the spirit through weight
Astral: destructive voltage
Physical: control of the physical matrix through the silver tincture

Stabilization through experience.

Talisman: The cube is to be violet and light blue, being saturated by the earth element and the air element. It should have the number 56 at the faces, visualized as Isis.

Limited Editions

Among the author’s limited runs at Sirius Limited Esoterica, you can find so far

The Inner Gateways of Lam
The Lusitanian Grimoire
The Path of Ipsos Vol II
The Path of Ipsos Vol I
The Way of Abrahadabra

If you acquire any of these practical books, feel free to contact the author via email ( and he will answer your doubts and be your companion through all the necessary stages of the path.