Covid-19 and the Aeon of Maat


The present reflection dates from the end of March 2021. I did not found sharing it worthy. 

As Covid-19 is finally being worked by my own body, I find the time and place to transmit it. 

            In early 2020 I was starting to hear news of Covid-19 coming from China, and I was of the opinion that the world at large was panicking over something that was exclusive to China, and probably no more than a severe flu. Of course, by then I hadn’t really read extensively about it. I just heard the news and saw social media posts. Indeed, I, a product of the times, use no television, it is the social network that brings me the news.

            My country, Portugal, was witnessing the emergence of the far right from a subculture to an organized political structure with a deputy in the parliament and many militants among the people. This was being encouraged by the rise of political leaders such as Donald Trump (from the USA) and Jair Bolsonaro (from Brazil). A polarization was already taking place, but it was not yet being taken seriously where I live. Although we had seen Neo-Nazi mobs in Germany and the far-right rise in France, we in Portugal had the sense that Europe was too civilized to fall for that again, and Europe had seen enough of it in the past: the Nazi regime in Germany, the dictatorships of Portugal, Italy, Spain, not to speak of a long tradition of monarchies. 

            Among other things, I am a member of The Horus Maat Lodge, a congregation of magicians with similar worldviews, and it is under the lens of the Aeon of Maat and of my practices inside The Horus Maat Lodge that I will be writing the present article. 

            On late January, if my memory is correct, I was doing a rite we all, in the Horus Maat Lodge, perform on the new moons, called the Elevenstar Rite. Inside our astral temple in the Sphere of the Moon (Yesod) and after I had invoked and evoked N’Aton, which is the representation of the collective and individual consciousness of humanity, I was given a sign. There was the feeling that the stars were realigning and focusing on humankind with great attention and concentration power. Everything was about to change and be put on hold as if a cocoon for the whole of mankind, from worm to butterfly or whatever came out of it.

            I wasn’t entirely sure what that was about. Yes, it was Covid related, but that part, I thought, was just being imagined by me, a reflection of my unknown fears (for I did not know I feared it and I thought it was well confined).

            Then, increasing news of Italy, and then Covid-19 was here. And only a few days after, our president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was talking on the TV, decreeing a lock-down. We didn’t even realize how serious this all was until we were being quarantined.

            Before I continue and expand upon other Elevenstar reports, I must introduce The Horus Maat Lodge and what it is about.

            The Horus Maat Lodge is, in a way, a child of Thelema. Thelema is the magickal current expressed or firmly established first by Aleister Crowley and then by many others. Thelema did reform, in one way or another, the whole spectrum of occult conduct, not to say perspective. While it is true that Edward Alexander Crowley does not bring as many new techniques and esoteric knowledge (nor truly enriches them) as is commonly thought, burrowing, he does bring with him a new attitude and certainly a creative one. There is a sense of breaking the shackles that stop the magician or the common man, for that matter, from reaching freedom and, with freedom, comes a new slavery to freedom’s True Will. This kind of slavery being the very nature of freedom, as opposed to the false freedom of simply being adrift. Thelema was anarchic in a way, but also cosmically organized and non-conflictual, with everyone following his or her true will and individuality, instead of yearning to take the place of his or her neighbor.

            Crowley’s idea of individuality was very precise, and he left a large compendium of written philosophy about the subject. His idea of the collective was more obscure, and his notion of a unified global consciousness almost didn’t exist. We know that humanity under the banner of his proclaimed Aeon of Horus (that of Thelema), was supposed to be working as the stars in space, each individuality in its route, avoiding collision by natural law. “Mind your own business” said the magician, who had proclaimed himself the prophet of a new age, the Age of the Crowned and Conquering Child, where the child is free from authoritarian parenting figures.

            The fact that everyone was meant to be free and expressing their own innermost and unique light, meant, in my view, that the less interference there was from authorities the less were the chances of social injustice. This, although Crowley was constantly giving hints on how life should be in such a society, and had built his own alternative society (the Abbey of Thelema in Sicily), did not find its proper elaboration into a working political or social system, either in theory or practice. Maybe the nature of the message itself testifies against such systematization and elaboration, less dogma would shackle the thelemite anew.
            In any case, after the fervent Giordano Bruno and the ones persecuted after him, ceremonial magic had been afraid to free itself entirely from established religious or moral institutions, its best try being to remain neutral. Among the first magical revivalists were characters like Eliphas Levi and Papus, that maintained a certain connection to the religious and moral norm. Under Thelema, we have the prophet and his scarlet woman, unafraid, performing at the Statue of Liberty, under the sign of Horus the liberator. 

            Most of Thelema is based on Hermetics and the so-called egyptianism. Hermetics deal with universal principles and extract them from religious or perennial traditions, turning them into practical philosophy. It is a philosophy that can synchronize the macrocosmos and the microcosmos, that is, the universe and the individual. The practitioner is called the magician, and ceremony, meditation, alchemy and conjuration are often seen as ways to attain to that synchronization, step by step and stage by stage up to the Godhead.

            To Aleister Crowley, the synthesis of this dance between the cosmos and the individual was in the True Will (the continuous and overflowing action of the ecstatic essence of the magician). In the Horus Maat Lodge, we believe the True Will is inseparable from the Will for Truth (represented by Maat).

            The average reader might not have knowledge of the following, but although Jesus Christ represented in his death and in his rebirth the mysteries of the Dying God (Osiris and his Aeon therein), Aleister Crowley thought of him as a prophet of the Aeon of Horus come before due time, and therefore annihilated. It was Christ that said: “The Truth (Maat) shall set you free.” In the Horus Maat Lodge, I would dare to say we do not see Horus himself as the liberator, Maat is, and Horus her warrior or white globule. Maat is also Justice and Balance. It is the work of Horus to expose all (social) injustice with force and fire, so that in the light of the fireplace, truth is thoroughly revealed. 

            Before there was Chaos Magick, there was Maat Magick (manifesting in 1974), and there was The Horus Maat Lodge, which was the first cyberlodge (formed in 1979, April). But, before there was the Horus Maat Lodge, there was the renowned frater Achad (Charles Stansfeld Jones), the so-called magickal child of Aleister Ctowley. The author and occultist Aleister Crowley has mentioned the Aeon of Maat in his concept of the procession of the Aeons, which he took from rituals in the Golden Dawn, but it was Achad who gave the Aeon of Maat his dedication and attention.

            The Aeons are seen in gnostic tradition as states of being or existence, much like the Sephirah in the Otz Chaim or Hebrew Tree of Life. In turn, Crowley thought of the Aeons as ages that represented different stages of spiritual development and maturity in mankind. He saw them as a procession or in a procession. Due to our stage of evolution, Horus starting to free humanity from its limitations of time and space (and their consequent dogmas), Achad thought that at the Aeon of Horus we are ready to start receiving and gestating the Aeon of Maat. It is frater Achad that talks of one who has found his True Will as one who is a Sun above the clouds. Such Adept sees the movement of the clouds on all sides and the whole of the stars, while the man below the clouds and under their shadows sees only the space and time he is at, and if it is bright or if it is dark, and if it is day or night, summer, winter, autumn or spring. Yet, in the Sun “all is ever as it was”, because nothing clouds it. For those who walk in the Sun there are no shadows.

            At the Horus Maat Lodge we believe the Aeon of Horus and the Aeon of Maat are concurrent. In my book, the Path of Ipsos, published by Sirius Limited Esoterica, I profess that the Aeon of Isis (the age of agriculture) is about the circle and, consequently, the cycle. The Aeon of Osiris (the age of large civilizations and conquests) is about the vertical line of hierarchy and law. The Aeon of Horus (the age of liberation) is about the horizontal line of moving from past to the future, progression and the going.  The Aeon of Maat points to the dot inside the circle, the truth transcendent to and inside all cycles, times and laws or levels of existence.

            In the Horus Maat Lodge we believe that the Aeon of Maat is reaching back to us from out of a world of probability in the future in order to guide us to the truth of balance and of social justice, where the collective unconscious (see Jung) becomes the collective consciousness. There are, nevertheless, diverse possibilities, and some less optimistic. It is the work of Will to get to Maat.

            In Maat, there is N’Aton, manifesting as an avatar of the future human being of double consciousness (individual and collective), which we call by the name of Homo veritas (human of truth) and who is to emerge from the Homo sapiens (human of wisdom). Here is a human being that is firm in his true will and fully telepathic and emphatic.

            In this perspective, where the will of the individual starts and the will of the collective starts is a blurred line: it is the less abstract way that I have found in occultism to picture the union of the micro and the macrocosm on a human level.

            Just like Crowley had his revelation in Liber Al Vel Legis, transmitted by Aiwas through Horus and scribed by him, Nema, the author of Maat Magick, had her own unveiling through Liber Pennae Praenumbra, transmitted by N’Aton through Maat, and all that I am trying to convey will appear to be clearer upon reading such holy book.   

            Just as Achad had put the ideal individual of the Aeon of Horus as the Sun and above the clouds, in contact with the Earth and with the Stars, Nema did put the ideal human being of the Aeon of Maat as not only himself, but as the whole of humanity, and in contact with other intelligent species throughout the starlight expanse. In the Horus Maat Lodge we believe that to get to this place in time, the human being must first find its space in the animal collective, and not see himself as superior to other animals as was necessary in the hierarchies of the Aeon of Osiris, but an equal instead, an element of the circle that is the whole: Gaia, the planet or worldsoul. The human collective conscious leads to the planetary consciousness and vice-versa.

            The politics are, therefore, not only about social justice, but about saving the planet, nature and the environment. A good example of this is the trend in Magick our Elder, Aion 131 (Denny Sargent) has initiated, called Werewolf Magick. This is not the Left Hand Path material we are used to find on the subject of werewolves, but a system meant for the practitioner to fuse himself with, ultimately, the Tao that runs through nature. It is meant to shift the paradigm where man sees himself as separate from nature. Werewolf Magick considers this paradigm one of the greatest global dangers threatening the survival of humankind.

            Our dystopian probable future has many possibilities foreseen by Nema, such as the possibility of an humanity trapped in machinery, but most of all a world destroyed by the nuclear power that is the ultimatum of Horus. Horus is the Child, and this ultimatum is about survival, either human beings come to equality or the world can be destroyed by a few potencies at any given moment. Nema’s utopia has humanity acting as a whole, tending for its home world. In this future, individuals are not losing freedom and individuality, on the contrary, in the absence of lies (Isphet, the enemy of Maat), there is nothing to hinder one’s true nature.

            The way we in the Horus Maat Lodge put such theories into practice is by the so-called priesthood and the parameters of priesthood, which can be explored in a book by the late Nema with that very same name, published by Black Moon Publishing. Along with this talismanic conduit, we practice global magick with the goal of global change in mind.

            The Elevenstar is one of our main operations, and it happens every New Moon. It has been around for about three decades and has gone through a series of formats. The main idea is that the eleven spheres of the Tree of Life (including Daath) or the Eleven Density Levels of Maat Magick, are filled by adepts, that are in turn coordinated in their operations to cause global change (and healing) to a certain cosmic end. Ultimately, this operation takes place through an astral mechanism.

            We are not so unique in group workings for global matters. The well-known AMORC has been doing it for a long time in their Illuminati Grade, with the goal of stopping tyranny where it is met. But while AMORC only divulges their methods in the final monographs, we have been pretty open about it, and any Adept who has attained some level of Knowledge and Conversation with his Holy Guardian Angel and has Self-Initiated into the Double Current of Horus and Maat may come to join us in the Elevenstar and in the common astral space in which we meet during the New Moons.

            What I can tell of the Elevenstar is that we have gone a long way, from “simply” filling the thrones and anchoring N’Aton, to geographical healing, and many other sorts of operations according to the constant needs of the world. In my perspective, the Elevenstar has always produced results, in the microcosm of their officiants and in the macrocosm, although the pathways it creates to get there, the effects, are more or less unforeseen according to the creative powers of chaos.

            Before Covid-19 we were watching the rise of fascism and corporate feudalism to such an extent that we had instructions from the planes to act upon it. Then came Black Lives Matter and similar pulsations from what we call the Forgotten Ones (these are survival urges often ignored to the detriment of mankind or else the Forgotten Ones can be seen as the socially forgotten), and Covid-19. So, there I was, briefly before all that, watching the stars fix upon us with inquisitive eyes.

            Tracing a line back through my Elevenstar Reports, I will be picking visions received in the astral plane after the rite itself.
            In July 2019 I wrote “The walls are red, flat but volcanic. The well has become a red obelisk with two curved lines at the top and a shape similar to a phallus or to a very tall throne with a snake scalp as a crown. Behind it there is a staircase of four steps giving to what seems to be a terrace into Nuit, and one can see the violet lines of the Ursa Major moving slowly. Anubis comes in on the front with Horus on the back, both giants carry a large snake cape that is bigger than the two together. The beast wraps around the obelisk, climbing, and a star of 11 silvery swords starts to shine.”

            “Anubis speaks at the left, his hands now free, but no sound comes out of his lips and at last he performs the Sign of Silence. Horus speaks at the right and from his mouth comes a cube of gold containing the following inscription at the side which is turned to the scribe:


.   .
1 Long has man fallen asleep
4 Now from the ashes of his sleep comes a fever
1 Look at the oval shape around the hemisphere
2 Another pandemic comes from the embers
3 There is a lot to be learned from this night before this Pan
4 For/from/foam the waters will be reborn
2 At last the forge of ages is to pass
3 And eternity collapse anew
4 I shall bring this sword into my own breast.
1 Caged is the beast of a thousand spikes
2 Released is the tree of burning life
3 And the holy men shall walk upon the dust
4 And find the God that found them first.


            In August 2019 I was seeing different tyrannical or corrupt world leaders, not as individuals, but as a collective. “This is Isphet”, said the voice of N’Aton, “and it is through it we evolve, just as antibodies need the virus.”
            In October 2019 I wrote: “When I went to the Moonbase I met with a woman standing in a corridor, I was trying to get to the crystal chamber. She was standing in the dark, her flesh and skin as of those seven before, like a mirror. She was lying down and crying in pain. I approached and recognized pains of birth-giving. Her chest opened wide after a while and a bright celestial light started to flow out, heaven being spit from the abyss. Her screams were very vibrant but the light baffled them and I, feeling over-electrified by one and the other, came back to the body, redirecting the flow with the conjuration given to us”
            November 2019: “In the place of the well there is an ivory idol made out of three pythons climbing a column, entwined. A descending silver triangle trespassed by black rays irradiates sixfold, oscillating a purple and violet aura. There is no voice but the voice of the all, I hear. In the message there is a hidden element that tells me that DNA is threefold instead of twofold.”

            Then came the vision of the stars. We now jump to March 2020, after Covid-19 had hit hard and about a month after my vision of the shifting stars. Our fascist deputy was also running for presidency and not long after, a mob dressed like Ku Klux Klan marched on the streets bearing torches and stopped at the door of SOS Racism.

            “Something has happened. N’Aton gained a martial aspect, he had a golden crown and a throne, influencing the Earth, a magnetic pull with congregations of stars and spatial egregores in a single beam. That magnetic pull seemed almost impossible to fight and demanded changes. It did not seem to me that the sole purpose was to help us back to what we were. “

            April 2020:

            “I have noticed on the last Nu Moon how N’Aton was using tunnels that went all the way to Andromeda. I have been trying to work with them.”

            “I have a hard time talking about the major considerations concerning our global state of affairs. From the top of the pyramid, where all substance turns to sound, our situation feels almost meaningless, in a way that probably would terrify the common people and feel cold. Still, there is a great potential for good within the present time. It doesn’t seem to be guaranteed that it will develop into action. All things said and done, from up there it is like contemplating the grass moving with the wind.”

            The work develops further, from month to month, to vistas I do not plan to share or explain. The truth is, of course, I do not consider myself to be actually causing global events, rather we are aligning to already existing currents or universal patterns that are, in turn, aligned with the Tao, or with Maat, or, in other words, to the most harmonious and necessary course that space and time can take towards balance. I did not wish for this, nor did anybody I know, and we are working toward healing…  

            Many good things can come out of this pandemic, and some realizations are pretty obvious. A greater local production of food and essential markets would contribute to a more balanced planet in terms of human civilization. The jobs we reward the most are not the most relevant. Art is more relevant than the average man or woman thought. A change in the economic system would prevent collapses in states of emergency, and could actually eliminate poverty.

            There is a large variety of things that have crossed the mind of most people, things that were left naked and that, in truth, never made sense, things that could easily change for the better, and that are already being forgotten as the civilizational system we were already working under finds resilience towards these specific pandemics. Wanna-be dictators such as Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump have been exposed as negationists that do not really care for their people, it caused Trump to take the fall. The internet has been proven to be very valuable and a true skeleton of our Double-Consciousness, our psychic and emphatic network even inside silence and hermitage.

            As mankind was pushed into silence and isolation, some found their inner space where there was only corrosive noise before, and others brought about their survival urges in the most vile and egoistic manner. Some found the love to protect their loved ones, others that their affections were moved by no more than a lack of something. A polarization of great proportions took place, not only in the political field but in the field of character, the social networks exposed such disparities on the public stage. A light shone on every hole to surprise the vermin and take them out. Maybe, somewhere, the hawk is watching.

            By the time I am writing this article, it is the 29th of March 2021. By the time this publication meets the world, who knows what should have taken place? We have found stability in an enormous time of instability, from lockdowns to unconfinement back to lockdowns in a matter of days, all our plans canceled and our masks changing in order to cope with different plans. And we have learned the world stays with or without us out there.

            Many people have died, and many other have suffered, but whatever comes our way, our best chance is to take everything and use it to the better mutation of the species, to that N’Aton, half made of the stellar foam of non-ego and half man-woman, golden like the Hawk, and with features of every human race. H(e)i(r)s wand is crowned by the lotus, that flower of purity that sprouts out of the murky waters. Who knows how we will rise above this sickness? Exactly the same, like the ayahuascan tourist who throws up his toxins during the ceremony and eats them back in his or her daily routine? There is a strong possibility that such might be the case.   

            The importance of having a strong archetypal icon to which to aspire, such as N’Aton, is that he/she is the human being in a state of self-realization, he/she is us and in us, not an abstract being that transcends all possible objects and gives no direction in which to walk towards. Religion lends us hope and resilience, but only inside comfort and spiritual stagnation. Esoteric and magical practices can make us challenge ourselves to the betterment of ourselves as talismans of humanity in priesthood, and to the betterment of humanity thereof.

            In one of my reports, you can read that I am writing about tunnels to Andromeda. This is not a new astrological idea. Nema thought that the magical current came from Andromeda to Sirius, and from Sirius to our Sun, from which it radiated down to Earth. The occultist Kenneth Grant is also no stranger to such kinds of theories. Is the role of esotericism to give its practitioner pipe dreams in times of crisis and help him or her get through, to make him feel that he is not alone? I surely hope not.

            It is the role of esotericism to make its adept look for clear animated symbols of something greater than himself, not for comfort, but for union, conscious transformation and the birth of evolution. As my favorite singer Carl McCoy would put it: “Take the dream”. Make of this occasion the most you can, it is a rare opportunity that comes once in a lifetime or not at all.

            Even if we can see prophetic patterns in, if nothing else, my first reported vision in this article, the whole world is but an illusion (and the visions no less). We work to make that illusion called the world, a better one.

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