A Game of Gnomes

Gem of Silence – The Secret of the Gnomes

Dare enter a world of intense magic and train to master the secrets of gnomes by simply playing.

The Secret of the Gnomes is a game unlike other games, for it is played by the person in engagement with nature, the senses, the inner worlds and the psyche; that is, it is played in real life. In this sense, it follows the rules of gamification to help you achieve greater awareness, acute senses, concentration, willpower and a nitid, creative and detailed imagination.

That being said, it is also a game like other games with a board and a player piece for you to move around the houses and six cards that are to be picked randomly at the appointed time. In other words, it is a self-training tool with the rules of a game (described in a beautiful illustrated perfect bound book), engagement, fun, and entertainment.

The game can last for a long time and be savored even for years. During this time you also interact with three other objects: a black gem (called the gem of silence), which will be used for certain kinds of meditation, a green crystal, which will help your translation of the abstract into the objective, and a journal for you to write your observations and study yourself and your results throughout this journey.

The Secret of the Gnomes connects to the hermetic element of the earth, which is the element of consciousness, awareness of space and the vigilant silence of the senses. The gnome is a living personification of this element, so during the gameplay, you will learn to play the gnome.

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