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Psychology has a close connection to magic, not only practically but in the history of thought.

Pratically, because, while Nema used to say 90% of magick is trash removal, in another context, I’ll say that 90% of magic is what I call “a placebo”. The 90% treats you but does not cure you, yet if you use it well, the remaining 10% will become active in the experience and finish the work of healing.

What I mean is, even if you do evoke a djinn in the flesh, for everyone to see and touch and interact with, it does not work as magic unless it has a psychological component.

For this reason, altough I do not advocate a radical position that magic is only psychological, I do believe without psychology it isn’t magic.

Historically, you might be reminded of Giordano Bruno trying to reach all religions and scholars with his practical philosophy and eventually being rejected by both clerks and doctors. His pratical philosophy was nothing else but magic. Psychology is the version of pratical philosophy that has conquered the world out in the open. Any smart magician will find in it a valuable tool.