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André lives in Moita, Portugal and has been a dedicated practitioner of magic and mysticism for more than two decades. He met Fraternitas Hermetica (an order based on the works of Franz Bardon) while still a minor and had an initiator that stood even after the order vanished. He also has worked with his old initiator for 20 years. He has experience of other magical systems such as AMORC, Order of Michael’s Grail (with roots on Dion Fortune), Thelemic Golden Dawn, Astrum Argentum, the Typhonian OTO and the OTOA-LCN.




André teaches neo-shamanism and has his own active group of practitioners. Aside from his shamanic path, which he puts to use as a simple way to reach the uninitiated, he has been through the hermetic magical systems of Franz Bardon, as well as through systems presented by Rosicrucian orders and Thelemic organizations, still being a member of the Chaorder of SilverDusk and a member of the Inner Council of the Horus Maat Lodge, in which he holds the Portuguese Nexus. Aside from his magical path, André is an accomplished author, poet, playwright, musician and founder of a Theater Company – CIA.Mefisteatro.

“It is a strange question, this of being a human being, for the human being, as he generally is found, is rarely entitled to that denomination. The aim of this path is for the individuals of the species to live the life they are entitled to.”

Andre Consciencia

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